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Some days you are a fan of muted neutrals. Others, you want bright, vibrant colors. When decorating, how do you decide which one wins, especially with furniture purchases? Designer Ditte Maigaard suggests that you don’t have to choose. You can indeed have it all with the Split Personality Sofa.

“Developed from from a view of two opposite personalities who – because of their differences – supplement each other and enables many different uses,” Ditte Maigaard’s Split Personality Sofa is designed to allow both to coexist in one couch.

Meant to be used in the middle of the room, it is almost like furniture’s classier equivalent to those infamous (and unfortunate) business in the front, party in the back hair cuts. Okay, maybe it’s more along the lines of Christian Louboutin’s classic black pump with a surprising red lacquered sole. Regardless, it’s an interesting way to incorporate unexpected details into something as predictable as a sofa.

For more images and details, visit Contemporist: The Split Personality Sofa.

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