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On September 7th, one of our favorite tongue in cheek style guides, The Official Preppy Handbook, gets an of-the-moment update with the release of True Prep: It’s a Whole New Old World. In celebration of the handbook turning 30, and the release of its predecessor, we’ve gathered up some upperclass-esque gems that would make Bunny and Muffy raise their Gin & Tonics in celebratiion of all things preppy.

In its new release, True Prep’s author Lisa Birnbach and designer Chip Kidd bring Birnbach’s philosophies of prepdom into our modern times — and thankfully maintain the humor and wit for which the 30 year old classic became famous. Over at Vanity Fair, we caught a preview of Birnbach’s refreshed outlook on today’s prep — Good news: vintage remains chic and lawn games are still a hit. When it comes to frugality, “Do keep repairing old appliances to try to extend their lives. Don’t store them on your front porch or driveway.”

Check out these positively conservatively smart and tailored items for your home and make sure to pre-order your copy of True Prep today.

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