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The Spanish Presidency of the EU, the Instituto Cervantes and the Brussels Town Council present an exhibition of dresses inspired by literature.

nullThe “20 Dresses for Europe” was launched in 2006 following the great success that met similar exhibitions in Tokyo, Beijing, Istanbul and Milan.

This original show offers an invitation to dialogue between two forms of art only rarely associated with each other but also – and above all – between the cultures of the three countries who are next to hold the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union: Spain, Belgium and Hungary.

The Instituto Cervantes de Bruxelles, the Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España (the Spanish Fashion Designers’ Association), Modo Bruxellae, the Flanders Fashion Institute and the Hungarian Cultural Insitute have invited designers of the top rank to elaborate on the texts of the biggest names in Spanish, Belgian and Hungarian literature.

The distinguished honorees from Spain comprise:

Devota & Lomba for « Cien años de soledad » by Gabriel García Márquez,
Agatha Ruíz de la Prada for « LLona llegó con la lluvia » by Álvaro Mutis,
Victorio & Lucchino for « Soles » by Juan Gelman,
Carmen March for « Cinco horas con Mario » by Miguel Delibes,
Jesús del Pozo for « Los años con Laura Díaz » by Carlos Fuentes,
Hannibal Laguna for « Latitud. Mandarla » by José Ángel Valente,
Miguel Palacio for « La Reina de las Nieves » by Carmen Martín Gaite,
Purificación García for « Jardín » by Dulce María Loynaz,
Davidelfin for « Exentos II » by Antonio Gamoneda,
Amaya Arzuaga for « Delirio y Destino. La loca » by María Zambrano,
Roberto Tortea for « Carlota Fainberg » by Antonio Muñoz Molina and
Lydia Delgado for « Barrio Maravillas » by Rosa Chacel.

From Belgium:

Michael Guerra for « Les aveugles » by Maurice Maeterlinck,
Katrien Van Hecke for « Het verdriet van België » by Hugo Claus
José Enrique Oña for « Ni d’Eve ni d’Adam » by Amélie Nothomb and
Anna Heylen for « Dertig » by Stefan Hertmans.

From Hungary:

Tamás Náray for « La porte » by Magda Szabó,
Miklós Pazicski for « Vos jours sont comptés » by Miklós Bánffy,
Kati Zoób for « Les Confessions d’un bourgeois » by Sándor Márai,
and Natália Gyulai for « 99 poésies » by Zsuzsa Takács.

The “20 Dresses for Europe” exhibition, the first major cultural event to be undertaken by the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, will be open to the public in the Salle de la Milice and the Salle Ogivale of Brussels City Hall in the Grand-Place from 3 February to 4 April, 2010.

Dresses of poetry, the rustling of pages – a most unexpected and oh-so-chic marriage of cultures!

Grand-Place 1000 Bruxelles
Open Monday to Sunday from 10:30 am to 6:00 pm. Closed holidays.
Entry: € 5 | € 4 | € 2 students | Chèques Culture Sodexho, Art. 27 | Free for those under six years old.

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