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A while ago, we wrote about woodsy wallpaper as a way to create your own interior forest. This is similar, but not quite the same thing. While forest motifs tend to be dense with a lot of vertical shapes (like forests themselves), leafy patterns are lighter and airier.

Wallpaper is one way to bring a canopy of leaves into your space, but stencils can also be an effective method. A few simple, well-placed painted leaves can add a hint of the natural world, but you don’t want to get too countrified with the look — we recommend staying away from sponge-painted ivy.

Another option is fabric or grasscloth, which adds a whole new textural layer to walls. If you really want to get creative, try something like Phillip Jeffries’ Hand Pressed Leaf Grasscloth, which incorporates real dried leaves into the wall covering. For more information on the options shown above, click through the following links:

  • Fern Wall Stencil from the Stencil Gallery
  • Prunier en Fleur Wallpaper from Emery & Cie
  • Jocelyn Warner Wallpaper
  • Retro Leaves Wallpaper from Ferm Living
  • Mirabel Wallcovering from Romo
  • Montague from Twenty2 Wallpaper
  • Graham and Brown Eco Collection Aspen Wallpaper
  • Room by Susanne Ramel for Alcro
  • Greenwich Village and Central Park Fabrics from Charles Newhaven
  • Hand Pressed Leaf Grasscloth by Phillip Jeffries
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