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Living in the Northeast and having to deal with blizzards and ridiculous snow storms each and every year, we can’t image paying to stay in a snowy, icy accommodation. Like most vacation destinations, they’re not catering to everyone. We imagine you have to be somewhat of a cold weather loving person to appreciate these opportunities to cool out.

As you would imagine, traveling to stay in an ice hotel will take you to places you wouldn’t otherwise visit. To stay at the Ice Hotel you need to travel to Jukkasjärvi, Sweden — 200 km above the Arctic Circle. The Ice Hotel is the worlds largest ice hotel, complete with warm and cold accommodations, hot tubs and even an Ice Bar — staying in an Ice Hotel most definitely requires a bar!

The Hotel de Grace is in Québec, Canada. They pride their hotel on being just as modern, stylish and contemporary as an average hotel — just in a rather unique way. There’s still fine dining, spa treatments and top of the line accommodations — just on ice!

We’re intrigued by the architecture of these hotels and what a unique experience they would provide. Now we just need to go jump in an ice bath to prepare!

Would you stay in an ice hotel?

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