As sales people, we are always looking for refferals.  It’s great to get a referal from someone as it means that you are trusted and worth mentioning to someone.

What about the flip side of this?  Have you ever referred a potential client to one of your clients?  Imagine how you client would feel if you did this.  Guess what your client will be happy to do time and time again?  (Not a trick answer – They will refer you.)

What you should do is understand what your clients do and understand what problems they are having.  You will not be able to solve every problem for your client, but what you can do is recommend one client to another to see if they can work together.

For example, I have a friend in the consumer packaging industry.  They make container for restaurants and food stores.  She has referred clients from one industry, the food industry to other clients in the restaurant industry.  This is a great cross reference.

So, don’t sit on the sidelines, get invovled and help your clients out, in the end it will only help you build stronger relationships.

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