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Over at Apartment Therapy Chicago we featured our own home in today’s house tour, but we wanted to give our Unplggd readers at a sneak peek at how we keep our DVD’s. Since we’ve been having a few computer problems lately, we haven’t gotten around to ditching our discs and converting them to digital. Instead, they hang out in our kitchen. That’s where everyone keeps them right?

Each drawer has been alphabetized, kind of like a large winding snake. Although the cases have to sit on their side to fit in the drawers, we’ve made due without any other room in our small space to contain them. In the drawers above reside kitchen supplies essential to cooking, but covering the drawers with paper means no one knows the hodge podge of things we’ve been squirreling away.

Do you keep your media in an unusual room in your home? For brownie points, take the tour of our space and see if you can spot where we keep our Wii games (hint: it’s extra romantic).

(Image: Sarah Rae Trover)

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