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Whether you have a washer and dryer in your building or if you haul your hamper to a laundromat, laundry can be one of those chores you just don’t want to deal with. But clean laundry can be so…delicious. For us, clean sheets for us are one of life’s great little luxuries and it makes dealing with laundry worth it.

Here are some tips and tricks from the archives that seek to help keep laundry simple (and oftentimes green), help build habits, inspire and just help git ‘er done. Chime in with your own tips in the comments!

Have the necessary supplies:
Lemon to help brighten whites.
DIY detergent to make custom scents (or no scents).
DIY scented laundry booster made out of things you probably already have on hand.
Vinegar,Tennis Balls and Hydrogen Peroxide are Danny Seo’s Green Advice go to’s for clean, green laundry: add vinegar to the wash to cut down on soap residue, add tennis balls to the dryer in place of fabric softener sheets and use hydrogen peroxide on loads of white to keep them fresh.
Magic Dryer Balls are another great alternative to Dryer Sheets.
Chalk cuts down on grease stains.
Reusable Dryer Sachets from Trader Joes are a non DIY alternative to dryer sheets, and smell good.

Tips for Shared Laundry Spaces:
Organize the Laundry Room. In our old apartment, each tenant pitched in to keep the common area clean and organized which went a long way towards actually wanting to go and do laundry.
Always leave a basket near your laundry if you’re in a shared space. (adding your contact info to it is a bonus.)
Do you transfer other’s loads?
Tips for the Laundromat:
Dump the jug. Either pre-measure the soap you’ll need into baggies or yogurt cups or opt for a slimmer profile jug like the new Method detergents so you aren’t hauling 50 extra pounds with you.
Pick a Day and stick to it for trips to the laundromat. Routine makes getting dreaded tasks done easier.

For Inspiration:
Stylish Laundry Room Gallery
Get inspired by this gallery of clean and organized laundry rooms.
Paint a Bold Color. You might need to psych yourself into laundry, so if it’s in your own space, try painting a bright bold color behind the set. It might energize you or at least attract you to the machines!

Do you sort?
• Do you have a day to do laundry?
Flylady says to do a load a day (for larger households) rather than saving it all up to do on the precious weekend.

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