So you’ve decided to start a small business. Great! Small Business Trends was created for people just like you to bring you the resources and information needed to grow your small business everyday. In fact, the collection of resources we’ve collected for this small business roundup may be particularly helpful in your new venture. We hope this startup guide will get you thinking creatively about the first steps in your new venture.

First Steps

Six entrepreneurs to inspire. When planning to start your own business, think not only of the money you’ll make but of awesome products and services you can create that will make the world a better place. Here are six entrepreneurs whose stories should get you started on the road to your first great business idea. Personal Dividends

Trusted resource or product pusher. David Siteman Garland frames this in terms of a Website marketing content, but in the end it’s really about all businesses. Before you start your company, ask yourself what need you fill, what resource you provide, what help you can render to the people who you hope will become your audience and customers. Don’t make the mistake of believing business is just about pushing a product. It’s about much more. The Rise To The Top


Is LLC right for your small business? The LLC, or Limited Liability Company, is a popular way to incorporate a small business these days. With some protection as far as litigation and while avoiding the tax difficulties connected to some other forms of incorporation. Learn the basics of the LLC format compared to other kinds of business setups to decide whether it may be right for your small business setup. MoneyedUp

A ton of small business legal resources. When it comes to seeking other legal advice on your small business startup you may wish to consult an attorney. But also remember there are a huge number of small business legal resources on the Web as well. For example, take a look at this incredible overview of small business legal resources (Thanks for the nod to BizSugar as well, guys!) in the initial nominees for an upcoming “Top 25 Business Law Blogs for 2010.” Add your own resources, if you like.LexisNexus Communities


Learning more about marketing. In the end, your small business will only be as successful as your ability to market it effectively. This said, Susan Oakes runs down some of the most important myths about good marketing and gives us a guideline for what great marketing needs to be. M4B Marketing

Picking the right domain name. Another important part of starting your business will be establishing an online presence. Few businesses today will not need at least some Internet marketing and this means both a Website and a domain name. But how do you choose the right domain name for your small business Website. Here is one possible strategy.


Do I want to give you money? OK. You’ve got a workable idea and have worked out the fundamentals of your business. You’ve thought about the legal organization of your business and created a marketing plan. But wait. Where will you get the money to start? Selling your business idea to investors is another point to consider. Startup Professionals Musings

Basic financials a startup MUST understand. Having great ideas figuring out how to structure and market your business and even how to raise funding is fine…critical in fact if your business is ever going to become a reality. But when it comes to running your business day to day, there are also three very basic ideas you must understand, potentially the difference between success and failure for your new venture. Michael G. Holmes


The biggest mistakes a business startup faces. Though, they shouldn’t deter you from starting your new business venture, be aware there are many mistakes that can spell doom for your dreams of becoming a successful small business owner. Here’s a list of some of the big ones. WSJ

It’s lonely at the top. You’ll meet some fantastic people as you work to start your small business. Many will mean well, give you encouragement and even offer to help with your cause. However, in this guest post Brett Owens suggests that, when it comes to making that big idea really work, an entrepreneur is really on his/her own.

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