How well do you communicate with customers, partners, suppliers, employees? Communications may be one of the hardest aspects of operating a small business or entrepreneurial venture. Today’s small business news roundup looks at the realities of communications with the rise of the Internet and what it can mean to your business. We love two-way communications here and would love to hear your comments below.


Give your business presentation to an eight year old. No, Drew Gerber hasn’t gone mad. A PR and marketing professional, Gerber explains how and why the exercise could improve your performance dramatically in this very brief video clip. If you find it helpful, there are more on his Website for your approval. Publicity Buzz

Clear up spam in social media groups, says one professional. Maybe no factor contributes more to the difficulty in modern business communication as that which arises from the presence of spam on social media sites. As Canuck SEO suggests, LinkedIn would be improved by simply cleaning up the spam in Groups, and he offers some suggestions for how to do that. Canuck SEO

Giving your business communications the personal touch. When communicating with your customers, do you put things on a personal level, let them know who they are dealing with or simply sign your communications coldly and impersonally, not from a human being but with the name of your business only? Remember that people want to do business with a person, not your company name. Partners in Excellence


Good communications is about being specific. When you are trying to communicate basic ideas on business, including management, it’s helpful to be specific. It’s OK to communicate vision as long as employees are also told very specifically what is expected of them. And specifics can also be an important part of communicating your vision to management and employees. What Do You Want From Them


Floating on a cloud (Part 1). How will cloud computing change the world of small business through revolutionizing communications? In the first part of this series of posts, Martin Geddes compares the development of cloud computing to the telegraph and telecom system of the last century which improved business productivity by leaps and bounds. Global Telecoms Business

Floating on a cloud (Part 2) So, what is the big deal with cloud computing and what will it really mean for your small business? Well, cloud computing means better communications, and, in this second post on the cloud computing revolution, we look at how that translates into better customer service, more sales and lower costs.Global Telecoms Business


Crisis communications for small business. Unfortunately, not everything your small business will need to communicate to the public will be positive. There are times when even small businesses will need to handle bad news, bad press or bad customer feedback. Don’t think huge corporations are the only ones that need to worry about crisis management. This post gives a primer. Bloomberg BusinessWeek

A book is another mode of communications for your business. If you’ve ever thought about creating a book to improve branding or communicate more detail about your unique products, services and business, this detailed guide will lead you through the process of what still may be one of the most powerful forms of communications open to you today. Published & Profitable

Branding can be an important form of communications for your business. But sometimes that overall message must be transformed in a way that will change your company’s direction and its perception in the market. Here are ten tips that will help you change what may be the most important communication your company is doing with customers, partners and the rest of the outside world. EpicLaunch

Small business communications via online video. And last but not least, David Siteman Garland talks with Dave Kaminski about the importance of video. David writes, “There may not be a better way to create a personal connection with people online than with online video.” Check out the interview above. The Rise to the Top

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